Golden, Colorado — March 23, 2022: Steelhead Composites, a global leader in hydrogen storage solutions and advanced lightweight pressure vessels, proudly announces the approval from the U.S. Department of Transportation for their low-cost satellite propulsion tanks. In response to strong demand from the satellite manufacturing community for storage of compressed gasses for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite propulsion and the requirement these vessels fully ablate upon re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere, Steelhead has invested in, developed, and now provides an off-the-shelf, certified solution to meet these needs. Manufactured under Steelhead’s AS9100-Rev D quality management system, these vessels are Designed-for-Demise to not create debris upon atmospheric re-entry thus allowing satellites to be safely disposed of at end of life. “Steelhead is a firm believer of manufacturing products for a cleaner earth” says Andrew Coors, CEO at Steelhead Composites, “but this product is manufactured to ensure it doesn’t contribute to the space debris issue as well.” Materials for the construction of these vessels were explicitly chosen to allow rapid manufacturing, low-cost construction and demisability while safely holding pressurized gasses for many years. The DOT certification affirms the quality of the vessel and allows on-road transportation of certain gasses and satellite propellants on US and Canadian roadways thereby also allowing for logistical efficiencies to the program at whole. “Steelhead up until now has focused on survivability, meaning we live up to having the most robust composite vessels in the market,“ states Curt Honcharik, Director of Quality and Certifications, “so this development and certification was a unique experience and allowed us to really flex our quality management system and materials expertise.” The standard LEO satellite propellant tank has a DOT UN/ISO certification, is rated to 206 Bar (3,000 PSI), has an outer diameter of 171 mm (6.72 in), and offers volume options of 12 Liters (3.2 Gal) or 24 Liters (6.3 Gal).

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