Core Values and Commitment to Excellence at Steelhead Composites

At Steelhead Composites, our core values guide every operation and interaction. We prioritize safe, high-quality product manufacturing and are committed to delivering orders promptly and defect-free. Innovation is key in our quest to enhance quality and cost-effectiveness, while environmental stewardship guides our eco-friendly manufacturing processes. Our foundation is built on respect and ethical treatment, ensuring all interactions with stakeholders and employees are conducted with the utmost integrity. This statement reflects our dedication to excellence, sustainability, and integrity at every level of our operations.

Photo of an engineer and apprentice planning CNC machinery project


Our mission is to be a leading global manufacturer of lightweight, high-pressure vessels and systems to store and transport gasses to change the world in positive ways and create outstanding value for our customers.


We have a vision of a cleaner, more sustainable energy future by enabling hydrogen-driven electricity with lightweight pressure vessels, modules, and containerized systems. 


Steelhead Composites is dedicated to excellence, prioritizing safe, quality manufacturing and timely delivery. We innovate for better, cost-effective products, respect all, and uphold ethical and eco-friendly practices