HydrogenCube™ Module Storage Systems

No downtime
Expended units are easily swapped with full units
Use with any fuel cell, compressor, or electrolyzer
Much lighter and less expensive than batteries for equal energy storage
Enables plug-and-play fuel cells for remote and/or off-grid locations
Easily loaded or unloaded using standard trucks
Fully plumbed drop & swap solution
  • Photo of the HydrogenCube Module with 9 tanks connected together
  • Photo of the H2 Cube Plumbing
  • Photo of the HydrogenCube Module 2x2

Steelhead Composites HydrogenCube™ Modules offer safe, cost-effective, lightweight, and portable compressed hydrogen gas storage system. Once empty, the system is easily swapped for a full unit and transported for refill at the closest station.

A Single HydrogenCube Module will:

  • Recharge a small fleet of electric vehicles
  • Store enough energy to power a small home for a month
  • Provide backup power for life support systems

Operating Temperature Range: 
40° to 85° Celsius (-40° to 185° Fahrenheit)