Mike Colby

For more than 20 years, Mike has implemented the structure and discipline necessary to scale next-generation products and companies. His technical background, skills as a leader, and focus on transforming ideas into products have been widely applied to consumer electronics, telematics, telecom, pharmaceuticals, aviation, solar energy, energy conservation, IoT, and medical devices.

As the COO of Prima-Temp, Mike brought the discipline necessary to engineer the product design, wireless performance, and AI functionality of the first commercially available Bluetooth IoT sensor that continuously measures a core body temperature signal and processes it into predictive diagnostics. Prior to Prima-Temp, Mike held executive positions at Terralux, delivering energy-conserving LED lighting and IoT building control solutions to commercial customers, and at Ampulse, a solar energy collaboration with NREL and ORNL to produce an industry-first heteroepitaxial c-Si solar photovoltaic using CVD and PVD methods. Mike also brings post-acquisition experience leading company integration and tech transfer activities, product design collaboration with Fortune 100 companies in the telecom, computer, and automotive sectors, and leadership to technology licensing, supply chain, engineering, and contract manufacturing with strategic partners in the US, Europe and Asia.