Josh Varn

Joshua Varn has over 20 years of leadership experience with teams ranging in size from five to over 100. His experience started with the US Navy, where his five-man team successfully planned and executed two world tours, including worldwide route planning, foreign port coordination, navigational material sourcing for seven ships, and dissemination of planned routing throughout the entire battle group.

His civilian career started in advanced manufacturing and composite structures supporting the emerging green energy field through the manufacture and construction of wind turbine components. He successfully planned and opened two world-class production facilities, and established and trained 12 highly effective, self-sufficient manufacturing teams.

In 2014, he joined the Steelhead team where he’s been involved with product design, process design, production implementation and execution, and all other facets of logistics and production. He has built a highly skilled, knowledgeable, and agile operations team to tackle the needs of our customers within the rapidly growing hydrogen and high-pressure application markets.