Commitment to Environmental Stewardship and Community Partnership

The environment and its resources form the foundation that unites businesses and communities in innovation, growth, and coexistence. Consequently, all stakeholders in this relationship bear the responsibility to protect and sustain the environment while striving to minimize their impact. As a committed community partner, Steelhead Composites pledges to limit its environmental footprint through responsible product design, processes, and operational practices.

Photo of hydrogen pipelined

Environmental Responsibility Principles

  • Minimizing pollution, non-recyclable waste, and energy usage
  • Considering the wider environmental impact of our product designs, manufacturing process, and final products
  • Encouraging environmental sustainability among subcontractors and vendors
  • Meeting or exceeding all local, regional, federal, and customer-imposed environmental regulations and obligations
  • Defining company goals and key performance indicators related to environmental objectives

Environmental Management & Sustainability Strategies

  • Educating, training, and motivating employees on this policy and the importance of sustainable environmental practices
  • Making its environmental policies, practices, and results available to the community
  • Continually improving the Environmental Management System
  • Obtaining senior management commitment to ensure the company culture prioritizes the protection of the environment