CNG Cylinders

Superior Storage
Most complete fast-fill and negligible permeation
High Lifecycle
Fill and empty repeatedly with no concern of liner collapse
Benign leak-before-burst feature eliminates the possibility of catastrophic failure during operation
Photo of CNG storage canister

Steelhead Composites offers Type III (metallic) cylinders to customers with varying needs, depending on the number of expected cycles, frequency of refilling, length of storage interval, and other individual requirements. Their robust construction utilizing seamless aluminum liners, epoxy-impregnated composite materials, and proprietary large-mouth openings ensures superior impact resistance and thoroughly reliable performance. Additionally, our cylinders provide maximum fill capacity under fast-fill conditions.

Developed to meet or exceed the requirements for shuttle busses, refuse trucks, fleet vehicles, commuter vehicles, luggage handlers, vehicles with under-chassis integration, and customized enclosed-space applications, these compact and lightweight cylinders provide exceptional performance.