Welcome to Steelhead Composites

Advanced manufacturer of composite overwrapped pressure vessels

Steelhead Composites, founded in 2012, is a Colorado advanced technology manufacturer that produces the integral component used by advanced manufacturers in numerous industries. The company assists in the development and deployment of next generation emissions reducing systems by using innovative design, technology and manufacturing to produce light weight, high pressure vessels. Steelhead Composites has redesigned hydraulic accumulators optimizing them for hydraulic hybrids.

Steelhead Composites is also a new provider of high pressure cylinders utilized by the compressed natural gas (CNG) sector, industrial gas storage and transportation and Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

In addition, Steelhead Composites offers contract services such as: manufacturing of aluminum cylinders, design and analysis of composite pressure vessels, advanced filament winding of composite pressure vessels, material analysis of composite materials and plastics, hydrostatic pressure testing of vessels, cycle testing and precision 3D inspection of parts.